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Moment SF1 Performance Pickleballs + Moment Pro-Guard Glasses-Set with Blue Mirrored Lens (3-Lens Set)

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Enhance Your Outdoor Play with Advanced Vision and High-Performance Pickleballs

Elevate your outdoor pickleball experience with our exclusive bundle featuring Moment SF1 Outdoor Pickleballs and the versatile Moment Pro-Guard Glasses with a three-lens set including Blue Mirrored Lenses. This combination is crafted to enhance your visibility and performance in bright conditions while safeguarding your eyes with style and functionality.

About the Products in This Bundle:

  • Moment SF1 Outdoor Pickleballs: Master your game with these precision-engineered pickleballs, ideal for outdoor play. The SF1 pickleballs are known for their exceptional durability and consistent flight, designed to meet the demands of outdoor courts.

  • Moment Pro-Guard Glasses with Blue Mirrored Lens (3-Lens Set): Tailor your vision protection with a set of interchangeable lenses that include Blue Mirrored, Clear, and Yellow Lenses. The blue mirrored lenses are perfect for reducing glare on bright days, while the additional lenses adapt to various lighting conditions, ensuring optimal visibility and protection.

Bundle Benefits:

  • Versatile Eye Protection: With three different lens options, you can customize your eyewear to match the lighting conditions, enhancing clarity and reducing eye strain.

  • Enhanced Ball Performance: The SF1 pickleballs offer superior playability and longevity, perfect for rigorous outdoor play.

  • Stylish Comfort: The Pro-Guard Glasses feature a sleek design and ergonomic fit, making them a must-have accessory on the court.

Ideal For:

  • Pickleball players who enjoy outdoor environments and need adaptable vision protection.
  • Athletes who play in varying light conditions and value equipment that offers flexibility and performance.
  • Pickleball enthusiasts seeking a combination of style, comfort, and superior game gear.

What’s Included:

  • 12 Moment SF1 Outdoor Pickleballs
  • 1 Set of Moment Pro-Guard Glasses with a 3-Lens Set (Blue Mirrored, Clear, and Yellow Lenses)

Special Offer:

Purchase this bundle today and receive a 15% discount! Gear up for outstanding performance and comprehensive protection with the Moment outdoor pickleball set.

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Don't compromise on your game or your comfort. Add the Moment SF1 Outdoor Pickleball and Pro-Guard Glasses Bundle with Blue Mirrored Lens to your cart now for unmatched playability and protection!

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